Transforming the digital customer experience to become more engaging, easier to use and ultimately, ensure the website does an even better job of helping every British household make the most of their money.

Product Design Lead • Huge • 2014–2015


Taking out insurance policies, switching energy suppliers or changing broadband providers are not exactly the most exciting activities to spend your spare time on. Or straightforward for that matter. Finding a product that is just as much a great deal as it is the best fit requires a good amount of research. Comparison websites have revolutionized this process, saving customers money and time. Competition amongst service providers, however, is fierce and ad spends are significant as a result.


MoneySuperMarket, one of the pioneers in the industry, realized that differentiation based on user experience had become essential. With Huge as a partner, MoneySuperMarket sought to create a comparison experience that was not only visually distinctive and enjoyable, but revolutionary in its use of data to create a truly personalized comparison experience.


Giving users the tools to make the best decision.

How many miles do you drive in a year? It’s a tricky question to answer, and who knows how it might impact your car insurance if you get it wrong? Or how much energy does your household use per year? Not a lot of people have their bills at hand to provide this information when comparing energy providers.

Via in-home user research, we discovered that users were easily derailed by difficult-to-answer questions during the comparison. We saw a big opportunity to create a user experience that helps customers attain quicker, more accurate quotes, as well as lower the site’s unnecessarily high abandon rate and boost brand loyalty.


Empowering through knowledge, seamlessly.

An iterative design process, executed in one-week sprints in collaboration with the client, produced numerous prototypes that allowed the team to validate ideas through user testing. This approach gave the C-suite insight into progress and helped developers optimize the project as it moved forward. Most importantly, it empowered Huge and MoneySuperMarket to provide a more valuable experience to users. During testing, nine out of ten people found the new journey easier to use and feel better informed to make a decision.